10 new Extensions added to Firefox

10 new Extensions added to Firefox Nightly

 Because Mozilla released Firefox 79 on Android, there was a lot of criticism over the lack of several features and limited extensions support, the company added the back button with Firefox 80 and some, features like download manager on Firefox 81.

Mozilla has brought back a total of 10 recommended extensions from legacy Firefox for Android, Along with the 9 recommended extensions that were shipped in Firefox 79, there are a total of 19 extensions on Firefox Nightly.  

New Extensions Added with Firefox Nightly

Image Search Options – reverse image search tool

LeechBlock NG -blocks time-wasting websites

Video Background Play Fix – background playback for videos

FoxyProxy – Proxy management tool

Bitwarden – Password manager

Google Search Fixer – brings UI Google search from Chrome

Ghostery – Privacy-focused ad blocker

AdGuard – popular ad blocker

Web Archives – view archived web pages from search engines

Tomato Clock – timed work intervals for efficient time management

Extensions on Firefox for Android

Privacy Possum

Dark Reader

HTTPS Everywhere

Privacy Badger

Search by Image


YouTube High Definition

uBlock Origin

NoScript Security Suite

Having access to these extensions is simple, just access the three dots at the bottom right and choose addons.

These new extensions available on Firefox Nightly will be added to the new release stable version of Firefox for Android devices soon.