How to apply for Google Adsense 2021

Google AdSense is one of the best ad serving company which helps website owners make money when they share or post contents on there respective website. Google AdSense has been existing since 2003 and has been a source of income to website owners. Here below are the steps you need to take in 2020/2021 to make sure you have google AdSense up and running on your website. Make sure to read to the end. 

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How to apply for Google AdSense 2021.

1. Make sure you have a website up and running (preferably CMS) with active domain name.

2. Add contents to your website (25 blog post is okay)

3. Go to google webmaster search console to put your domain and click on continue, which will take you to a page where some steps are listed out on how to verify your website ownership. 

4. Add sitemap.xml to your website. A good example of this is boltskills sitemap.xml

5. Make sure you have robots.txt file also existing on your website, and can be found when visited.

After the above procedures have been completed. It is necessary that your website have an about page and also a privacy policy page.

6. Go to your google AdSense dashboard, input your website and click on apply. You will be asked to put a code on your website <head> tag.

    <script data-ad-client=\"ca-pub-\" async src=\"\"></script>

7. Wait for approval after that

Note: Google usually takes two weeks to review your website and run some check, if the checks does not meet up google AdSense requirement, you will see a message on your dashboard of your google AdSense account. But in most cases It can just take not less that four(4) days.
When you have been approved, you can choose to use auto ads or manually setup AdSense codes from your dashboard(recommended).
Finally, when you place your ad code, it may take up to an hour(1hr) to start displaying ads.

Google AdSense does not tolerate clicks from the admin user or owner of the website, If you are banned for such a thing, chances are you may not be accepted with that same domain again. So it is necessary you avoid to click on your own ads. I recommend you to use Tor browsers to open your website when your ads are up and running on your website.

How to maximize your AdSense earnings.

Maximizing your AdSense earnings means that you make your website visitors to engage more with your ads, there is a method which you can use to do that, but I have not yet tried it out. The method we can use is making use of Value Impression. Once I give it a try, Am going to make a blog post on that.

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