Fullstack Amazon eCommerce App with React Native

Building apps is cool, if you are new to doing that this project will help you scale through. We are going to build a fullstack amazon clone app with react native with the following features.

  • 1. User can be able to register
  • 2. User can be able to login
  • 3. User can be able to add product
  • 4. User can be able to delete product
  • 5. User can be able to edit product
  • 6 User can logout
  • 7. User an add to cart
  • 8. User can purchase
  • 9. User can Checkout

Before we proceed make sure you have all the amazon android app project svg icons and also the Amazon app clone with react native boilerplate.

Once you get the boilerplate run this command to install everything


and then

yarn android

Here is the video for this tutorial, please do make sure you like and share for you friends.