Solve Password authentication in Git is no longer supported

Password authentication in Git for Windows is no longer supported?

After November 13th, 2020 GitHub is changing how users authenticate when using Git for Windows, and will
require the use of a web browser to authenticate to GitHub. To be able to login via web browser, users
will need to update to the latest version of Git for Windows.

This was exactly what I received in my main after trying to commit commit my work from my cmd, that means that you can no longer commit using the Git for Windows. Well there are a good alternative you can definitely use to have lesser stress.

1. Git Kraken

Git kraken is a free Git GUI for Windows, Mac & Linux! This intuitive Git GUI simplifies and streamlines Git processes. It is a standalone application you can easily use to commit changes to your GitHub, Has some cool storyboard, colorful and neat. You can download Git Kraken from there official website. They do offer both free and paid version. Check out Git kraken pricing page

2. Gitforwindows Standalone app

Git for windows is also a command line standalone app. most of us knows it as git bash, you can quickly use it to commit your changes. Here is a link to download the app.