Google temporaliy drops request indexing feature

Early hours of today 15 October 2020 google search console came up with message

Page actions are temporarily disabled

Google has disabled the request indexing feature of the URL inspection tool withing the Google search console. In was disabled in order to make some infrastructure changes. You can read more on that using this link

It does not also affect the normal indexing, Google said that it will continue to index sites through normal crawling and indexing by Chromium, But you currently cannot use the Request indexing feature in Search Console to push content to Google Search.

Just for context, this does not affect normal crawling and indexing. In general, sites never need to use this feature (and most of them have never used it at all).

— ???? John ???? (@JohnMu) October 14, 2020

There has been a lot of complaints recently, mostly stemming from the ongoing indexing bugs, around that Google indexing is no more quick to index.

A lot of seo have been using the request indexing button during the past few weeks while Google has been having issues indexing the links. It's a way of Pushing content and Google is having a hard time indexing them. It will come back but for now you cannot push any content to Google using the that tool.

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