How to embed a tweet using twitters embed tool

Exposing tweets are best done with the ability HTML gives us to embed the snippets on a website.

  • Let's go on to learn how we can embed a tweet on a website using the snippets
  • How we can embed a tweet buy clicking on the three dot at top right of every tweet
  • Twitter offers HTML snippet code you can use to embed a tweet on your website or blog
  • Ability to customize a tweet post is possible before pasting it on your webpage

Sharing a tweet by embedding it to your webpage, website or blog is possible throught twitter. You can't do it from the mobile app, you can only do it from the twitter website and it only takes some simple clicks to perform that.

How to Embed Twitter Tweets

Open twitter in a web browser and login your username and password

Scroll down to tweet feeds and click on the three(3) dots at the top right of any tweet

Twitter Embed option

Select Embed tweet from the dropdown. Once you click on Embed tweet, you should be taken to a new web page which is the tweet publish page. To customize the appearance of the tweet, click "set customization options" and choose any settings you like, such as color and language. If the tweet is a part of a larger conversation, you can prevent the entire thread from being embedded by checking the box for "Hide Conversation."

Customize twitter update link

Once you're done, click update

Twitter update embed code

Go to the publishing tool you use for your website or blog and paste the HTML snippet​​