Developer YouTuber Workflow 2021

You might not realize how much work goes into creating a YouTube video

Let's cover each step of the process that I use to create every YouTube video

Feel free to follow the process with your own, even though its a lot of work, it is worth it!

Step 1: Creating an Idea

This is the HARDEST STEP. Sure you can do any idea, but to be a successful one, it should be a topic people care about, a topic people would click on, and a topic that can be covered in 8-10 min (length i am for). 


Step 2: Preparation 

This is the LONGEST STEP. Preparation includes learning a topic, writing the code, creating an outline, creating supporting graphics, etc, etc.

Even topics where you are just talking, an outline might be necessary to clearly deliver your points.


Step 3: Recording

It is nice to have a setup with camera and recording software all ready to go

The tough part that you don't see behind the camera (at least for me) is the countless number of times I redo

I want to make sure it is close to perfect so my points are clear.


Step 4: Editing

This part takes a long time as well. For a 10 minute video it takes about 1-2 hours to edit. And that is only after you have the process down. When you are still learning it will take even longer. But it is a key part if you want success.


Step 5: Thumbnail + Title

A crucial part of every video is the thumbnail and title. 

You can have the most amazing video, but if nobody clicks on it, it will not get views. (That's exaggerated, if it's amazing people will share it, but you get the point)


Step 6: Upload

Uploading is not as easy at it looks either. There is a lot of steps you need to provide including a well thought out description, tags, and then all the other settings you need. Then figure out what end cards work best, if any cards during the video, etc


Step 8: Engage with Audience

You thought we were done? 

Once the video is posted, if there are people watching, you will get some comments. 

It is the least we can do as creators is try to answer as many of them as we can. They took their time to watch our creations ????


I think that is all. Of course each one of these steps has a lot of other things involved than what I listed.

Even though it is a ton of work, it is absolutely rewarding, and worth every second of time. I am so grateful to be able to do this.