How can I Deploy/Upload Laravel Project to Cpanel Public_html

Laravel is still one of the best php framework for building and scaling up web services. However, when you're done working on a local machine and wants the app running the same exact way it was on local machine on your Cpanelbecomes an issue. 

How to upload Laravel Project to Cpanel

  1. Open you cpanel
  2. Locate the PHP_VERSION section and click on it to select PHP v7.1 or v7.2, or v7.3
  3. After the selection, create a folder right on the root of your filemanager not inside public_html
  4. /home/cpanelname/folder-project-name
  5. Now inside the folder-project-name upload all the contents of your project to it.
  6. Inside your public_html folder, upload all the contents inside folder-project-name/public into the public_html folder.
  7. All the files and folder inside your folder-project-name/public should go inside the public_html folder.
  8. Lastly check out how to link laravel storage on your cpanel.

The above steps are simple and easy to use. Share along with freinds :)