Near East Boulevard Accident: Police detected 139 kilometers per hour

Vehicle driver suspect OTMİ, who caused the accident with serious injury in Nicosia, was arrested. The suspect, who was arrested due to a traffic accident in which one person was serious and five people were injured, was taken to the Nicosia District Court.

Police Deputy Inspector Mustafa Özkantürk, who works at the Traffic Investigation Branch of the Nicosia Police Directorate, presented the findings of the incident.

Özkantürk, on April 28, around 12.30 hours of the accident in Nicosia, Dr. He noted that it occurred on a double lane road at the Fazıl Küçük Caddesi Fuar Crossroad.

The police said that the vehicle with the plate number JU 730 under the direction of the suspect hit the rear of the motorcycle with the plate number PM 847, which was under the direction of Yusuf Çağraş, who was waiting in the left lane due to the traffic density in front of him due to his excessive speed and carelessness.

Police noted that the vehicle with the plate number JU 730 hit the left side of the vehicle with the plate PJ 616 under the direction of the calm Nesibe Karımova in Nicosia, which turned into the Near East Boulevard on the right side of the road while the junction box was empty.

Accident suspect and two people were discharged;

The police said that the suspect was able to stop due to the impact of the crash, and Nasibe Karimova and Emir Karimova, who were injured as a result of the accident, were discharged.

Police Deputy Inspector Mustafa Özkantürk stated that the driver of the vehicle with the JU 730 license plate was placed in the central station cells as a prisoner after his discharge.