Spotify UI Clone with Expo
Spotify UI Clone with Expo
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Spotify UI Clone with Expo

If you every wanted to build apps with expo react native, you will always see you interest will be like, I want to offer an app with a great UI and may be competing with top Apps always. Here is a Spotify UI clone with expo react native you may find interest to used and start your next music app project, The app consists of the following

  • A great user interface
  • Tabs with react navigation 4
  • 3 different screens (home, search, library)
  • A music player
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom images that shows the style 

 Here is the GitHub repo for Spotify UI Clone: All credits to CALEBNANCE

  • Tab Navigation (stacks created)
    • Home
      • Horizontal Album component
      • Album Screen
        • animation opacity on header
        • scroll sticky of shuffle button
        • current song playing shows in album list view
      • Album More Options (added by @bidah)
        • blur view
        • SafeAreaView example
        • action list with supporting icons
      • Header animation on scroll event
        • animation opacity on iPhoneX notch
        • animation opacity on cog icon
    • Search
      • Sticky search bar (animated width)
      • Playlists sections added (with mock data)
    • Library
      • Menu items from mock data
    • Custom Bar for Music Player added to <BottomTabBar />
  • Modals (bottom to top)
    • Music Player