Top 5 Free UI Designs for android / IOS Project 2021

The top 5 free UI Designs for you next android or IOs project.

Start a new project is very nice, makes you happy and gives you some joy. It even makes you know that the future will be bright. But one thing can bring some sort of sadness on your journey especially if you are the type who may find it difficult to give a good imagination for your design. Below is a compiled list of top ui/ux designs, which can give you a breakthrough to your starting, continuing and completing your next mobile project.

 Before you continue reading, Learn how to create an application now with react native.


1. TODO App

A Todo app is an application which helps us organize what to do next, when to start and set a priority for our task on daily bases. Here are some cool ideas for you next project

Here is the link to the page

Here is the link to the download page

Here is the link to the download page

2. Contact Application

A contact application helps you organize your contacts, add some information to a particular contact and also add an image, this designs below are some cool idea for a contact app

Here is the link to the download page

Here is the link to download page

Here is the link to the download page

3. Ecommerce Application

Ecommerce platforms are a cool way to buy and sell, good ideas of creating an app which can help buyers meet sellers are creative. Here is  some cool collection of that. But you can check out this link to learn how to build an ecommerce application using react native in just 4 hours.

Link to download page

Link to download page

Link to download page

4. Chat application are apps which enable users to send message acrorss to  each other, a good developer must make sure that messages that a sent are perfectly encrypted. Here are some cool ideas to help you know how to create any type of chat application, but do you know you can learn how to create a chat application in just 5hours.

Facebook messenger app free UI

Here is the downlead link

WhatsApp Free UI

Link to download

Chat Bot 

Link to download

Group chat application

Link to download

5. Video Chat App UI

Video chat applications are cool apps which helps you to displays or post video contents on them and share to your friend, colleagues, folks and family. Below are some of the cool ideas which will help you to create one.

Netflix UI style

Download Link 

Netflix UI series app design

Download link

Netflix Onboarding

Downlead link

These are top 5 UI design which you can use to start your new project.